The best CRM software in Singapore

The business world in Singapore is ramping up with new business models, marketing strategies, and communication systems. Still, the most important feature for the success of a business in Singapore continues to be customer experience. As in most fields, digitalization has taken over for good. Nowadays, customer satisfaction is based on CRM systems, and you can find the best ones in the Singaporean market.


Salesforce is a world-known CRM software company with more than 20 years of experience, and it’s one of the pioneers in this industry. The company has more than 150,000 customers worldwide, and famous brands like Toyota and T-Mobile use it. It offers advanced marketing tools that provide quick solutions. The software uses AI to identify potential leads and marketing segments. You can also automate manual tasks and create marketing campaigns. Salesforce tracks every step until the final sale by analyzing customers, employees, and sales. Also, it’s customizable, and you can adapt it to your business needs. The improved e-commerce systems streamline B2C and B2B sales. made its debut in the CRM software world in 2014. It has quickly gained recognition and it’s popular among small businesses in Singapore. It has an intuitive interface, allowing compatibility with multiple devices. It’s easy to navigate, and employees won’t waste time learning how to use it. The software has an excellent customer support team and fabulous onboarding guides. You have live customer service 24/7 and webinars every day. In addition, it provides an excellent management platform with an accessible home dashboard providing time tracking, formula columns, and more. Small startups can use the free plan as a starting point.  


Zendesk produces quality software and has expanded all over the world. Nowadays, it provides services to more than 200,000 users and supports the CRM system software industry. The system features a support platform alongside 1,200 third-party apps. This integration displays a better view of the customer’s behaviors and tendencies. It reports business performance suggesting sales leads, improved email, and marketing campaigns. The minimalism in its dashboards makes it simple to use, and it provides concise information about customers. The platform records sales calls with a count on duration, end time, and more. Emails are also tracked within email templates, notifications, and more.

Singapore eVisa

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