Unboxing Nokia 6 Contents, Latest Android Phones from Nokia

Welcome to the world of Android, NOKIA! After traveling with various companies and various operating systems, finally with HMD Global you will also be anchored in a green robot. Of course Nokia Lovers are also curious to reminisce with this legendary brand. Once launched in February, 3 Android devices were immediately offered to the public.

Not to mention the rebirth of the classic Nokia 3310 Reborn cellphone which could have aroused the romantic side of ancient people, including me. Looks like Nokia is already very ready and serious to rise up and compete in the free arena of the Android arena where the participants are already bleeding a lot.

There are three Android-based Nokia cellphone models available on the market today, namely Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and the Flagship, Nokia 6. Viewed in terms of specifications and price (Nokia 3 = 139 Euros, Nokia 5 = 189, Nokia 6 = 229) which ranges between 2 million – 3.5 million rupiah, it appears that the Nokia Android for now only plays at the middle level only.

Blowing news that Nokia 8 will soon be launched to aim at a higher class. It has a wow feature which reportedly is the Lumia series flagship camera lens, the PureView Carl Zeiss will be pinned on the highest series. Indeed wow .. But wow, whatever it is if it’s still a rumor, it means we still have to wait. Don’t over expectation so don’t be too shocked like the Nokia 3310 Reborn.

Before launching, there were various issues circulating in cyberspace about new features embedded in the classic HP series, including: Android OS and high resolution camera. But the fact is the cell phone is just like the early millennium cellphone, GSM only, with the addition of a 2MP camera behind it, regardless of the ability of the battery that is capable of standby for up to 1 month.

Back to the Nokia Android series. After the opportunity to get a Nokia 6 in China some time ago at a price of RMB 1699

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