UBC scholar discovers 17 new planets, including probably liveable, Earth-sized world

US researchers have supplied a surprising video of a gasoline cloud ejected from a sneeze that travels as much as 27 ft away – suggesting social distancing measures do not account for sneezes. MIT scientists filmed a clip of a healthy particular person during a violent exhalation, slowed down from 25 seconds to a minute and a half. They found that discovered viral droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes can journey in a moist, heat atmosphere at speeds of between 33 and a hundred toes per second someplace between 23 to 27 toes away from its level of origin.

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Facebook is to begin displaying messages to people who have interacted with misinformation about coronavirus, guiding them to official advice from the World Health Organisation. A smart patch that measures sweat in athletes might monitor symptoms in coronavirus sufferers permitting …

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