Network Security System To Protect Your Computer Devices

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Various threats that can harm computer equipment make every computer owner and user obliged to have a network security system. Find out more complete information only in this article!

How do you feel when your computer network is accessed by unauthorized people or, intruders? Surely very angry, right? They may steal your personal data and use it for malicious purposes. For that we need a security system to protect your computer network. This article will discuss more about network security systems that are useful for you.

Network Security System Definition

Network security system is the process of identifying and preventing unauthorized users of a computer network. The goal, of course, is to anticipate the risk of threats in the form of damage to the physical part of the computer or the theft of someone’s data.

Types of Network Security Intrusion

There are several types of network security breaches that you need to be aware of. Here’s the list:

  • Hacking: destruction of existing computer network infrastructure. You have to pay attention to Hacking, there are lots of crimes in cyberspace that can harm you, therefore, you have to study the IT world, or take cyber security training, to avoid hackers
  • Carding: data theft of a person’s banking identity. For example, the theft of credit card numbers used for online shopping. cyber security training
  • Deface: changes to the shape or appearance of the website.
  • Physing: falsification of official data.

Various Network Security Systems

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): a local communication network that can be connected via network media. The function of a VPN in itself is to get secure communication over the internet.
  • Authentication: the process of recognizing equipment, operating systems, applications, and user identities connected to a computer network. An example is when a user enters a username and password to login to the network.
  • DMZ (De-Militerized Zone): serves to protect internal systems from hacker attacks.
  • Encryption: a data encoding technique that can be used to safeguard data.

Network Security Tips

To keep your network secure, follow these tips:

  • Install an AntiVirus that suits your needs whose function is to prevent various kinds of computer viruses that can damage your computer and eliminate important data.
  • Update your computer regularly. Software installed on your computer needs to be updated to keep your computer safe.
  • Do not carelessly open websites that are not clear, such as pirated sites in which there are pathogenic viruses that can spread to computer devices.
  • You should also be careful when you want to download files from the internet, because there may also be viruses or malware in it.

Thus information about network security systems that are useful for protecting your computer devices. Be careful when using a computer and accessing the internet because now many people are committing crimes digitally.