Indoor safety camera with Alexa Built-in

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cameraTypeIdentifies what sort of camera that is. clearFlagsHow the camera clears the background. clearStencilAfterLightingPassShould the camera clear the stencil buffer after the deferred mild move? commandBufferCountNumber of command buffers arrange on this camera (Read Only). cullingMaskThis is used to render elements of the Scene selectively. cullingMatrixSets a customized matrix for the camera to use for all culling queries.

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The physical camera sensor gate is outlined by the sensorSize property, the decision gate is defined by the render target space. layerCullSphericalHow to carry out per-layer culling for a Camera. For example, a lens shift of zero.5 offsets the sensor by half its horizontal dimension. nonJitteredProjectionMatrixGet or set the uncooked projection matrix with no camera offset (no jittering). orthographicIs the camera orthographic (true) or perspective (false)?

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  • The dual motor head allows the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view.
  • These allow you to change lenses and hence you’ll be able to manually set exposure and focus.
  • This button opens a dialog that displays further photographs for this product with the choice to zoom in or out.

This is essential for checking on the well being of varied rover components and measuring modifications in the amount of dust and sand which will accumulate on rover surfaces. The new cameras also can take photos while the rover is transferring.The enhanced engineering cameras share the same camera body, however use totally different lenses chosen for each camera’s specific task. Light and portable digital mounted lens cameras starting from easy level and shoot choices to expert artistic compacts. Shoot films and seize shifting memories with a camcorder from the vary of video cameras.


activeTextureGets the short-term RenderTexture target for this Camera. actualRenderingPathThe rendering path that is at present being used (Read Only). areVRStereoViewMatricesWithinSingleCullToleranceDetermines whether or not the stereo view matrices are suitable to permit for a single move cull.

eventMaskMask to pick which layers can set off occasions on the camera. forceIntoRenderTextureShould camera rendering be pressured right into a RenderTexture. gateFitThere are two gates for a camera, the sensor gate and the decision gate.