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Retaining Enzymes In Food

Side dishes for sake are particularly called sakana or otsumami. The fried battered shrimp tempura sitting in a bowl of tempura-soba can be referred to as “the shrimp” or “the tempura”, and not so much be referred to as a topping . The similar toppings, if served as a dish to be eaten with plain white rice could be called okazu, so these phrases are context-sensitive. Some noodle dishes derive their name from Japanese folklore, such as kitsune and tanuki, reflecting dishes by which the noodles can be modified, but the broth and garnishes correspond to their respective legend. This contrasts with Western-style home dinners by which every individual takes helpings from giant serving dishes of food positioned in the midst of the eating desk. Japanese style traditionally abhors totally different flavored dishes touching one another on a single plate, so totally different dishes are given their own individual plates as mentioned or are partitioned using, for example, leaves.